Eddy's Betta Lane

This is Eddy's Betta crib in his new home in Manjong. This cribs is still under progress though. Enjoyy!

Male Betta's

Betta Lane

Happy eating fries (Eddy's new spawn)

HI All!

Hi, its been a while since i've been hiatus from writing in this blog. Now its time for comeback! hehehe! So stay tune. I will bring updates to you guys together with my sifu Eddy.

image taken from : http://www.hobbykwekers.nl/en/freshwater/item/betta-splendens-kempvis

HYS Penang Betta Fish Competition

HYS Penang Betta Fish Competition

31st August 2012

HYS Betta Fish Shop

63,Jalan Gurdwara,10300 G'town Penang

10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Please Contact : 016-4222395 ; Ah Han

Betta tail type (Veil Tail)

Veil tail... we common find this tail type of betta in pet shop,aquarium shop and common shop that sells fish.. Often sell between RM 1 to RM 3.. Back in 1998, i used to buy veil tail to fight with my friends (tsk tsk tsk) cruel old days...What is Veiltail ? According to wikipedia Veiltail is : extended finnage length and non-symmetrical tail; caudal fin rays usually only split once..

Here are some of the veil tail pictures :


wikipedia source

I read one of the article  about " Should betta fish breeders stop breeding veil tail bettas " by Christhie F .. Quite interesting article.. The question by the author is  "What do you guys think? Is it time to move on and put the veil tail betta behind us?"     You guys decide!


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Swim Bladder Disease?

Ok da lame x update blog nih... dah jadi student  balek ni banyak sikit masa nak update and masuk balek scene ikan laga.. Wokeyh.. tadi aku saja2 browse2 pasal disease ikan laga and jumpe satu article yang ak rasakan menarik dan nak kongsi orang ramai.. Topiknye pasal SBD atau swim bladder disease.. aku rasa ramai yang bela ikan,ikan mereka/beliau mesti ada yang terkene penyakit.. so ok la enjoice this article taken from http://www.petfish.net

Contoh ikan yang dah kene penyakit ni.. Kredit gambar kepada

Swim Bladder Disease

By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)
Swim Bladder Disorder Information and Symptoms

Swim Bladder Disorder is an extremely common betta ailment, and it typically looks worse than it actually is. I know, you're probably sitting there watching your poor betta flop around, struggling valiantly to make it to the top for air, and basically looking nothing like his usual graceful self, and thinking to yourself, "This is it, I'm going to lose him." Let me make you feel a little better before I get into all the details - Swim bladder problems are not contagious, they don't seem to be painful, they are generally easy to treat, and they are usually not even close to fatal. Feel better? Good, let's get on to the fun stuff.

Symptoms can include:

Either floats uncontrollably to the top of the tank, or sinks to the bottom.
Seems to struggle greatly while swimming, and often will swim at an unusual angle.
May or may not have a "kinked" spine, often in the shape of an "S" when viewed from above. 
May lie around, barely moving except when a mad dash is made to the surface for air.
May or may not have a swollen belly, often caused by constipation

Swim Bladder Disorder Treatment

Swim Bladder Disorder can be caused by several things, and it's best to try to figure out the cause of the problem because the cause will determine what treatment you will want to use. As always, I recommend isolating the ill betta for treatment if you have him/her in a community tank. While Swim Bladder Disorder isn't contagious, isolating the betta will make monitoring and treating the condition much easier on you (and will give the sick betta much needed "quiet time" to recover). If your betta is having a hard time getting to the surface for air, it is often a good idea to lower the water level to make things easier on him. Just remember if you do this that you have much less water volume than before and water changes must be increased to keep him in good health. Below is a list of things that can cause Swim Bladder Disorder, in order from most common to rarest.

Constipation - Constipation is the number one cause of Swim Bladder Disorder in otherwise healthy bettas. If your betta is showing symptoms of Swim Bladder Disorder, I always suggest treating the betta as if he has constipation first, because they usually do (click on the underlined "constipation" for treatment information).

Overfeeding - If your betta is displaying symptoms of Swim Bladder Disorder immediately after feedings, and the symptoms tend to go away after a few hours, you are probably overfeeding. It is helpful to remember that bettas only have stomachs approximately the size of one eye, so try to feed smaller meals several times a day instead of one giant meal once a day. That is the treatment for Swim Bladder Disorder caused by overfeeding in a nutshell, not too hard, eh?

Injury - Sometimes bettas who have recently been through a traumatic experience (being dropped on the floor, being in a physical fight with another betta, etc) may display Swim Bladder Disorder symptoms. In these cases, many times there is permanent damage to the swim bladder. Unfortunately this means that there is no real cure for the disorder if it is caused by injury, but you can manage the illness. Often bettas permanent swim bladder problems can live normal, healthy lives if accomodations are made - such as keeping the water level lower than normal to allow for easier access to air, or providing large-leaved plants near the water surface to make a "lounging" spot where launching off for air is more doable for the betta. Swim bladder problems are not painful and are generally not fatal in the case of injury, so these guys have a wonderful prognosis in general.

Birth Defects - This is one of those rare and yet common causes. If you are a betta breeder, it is extremely common to get some fry with congenital swim bladder problems. If you are someone that "collects" bettas from petstores, it would be extremely rare to find a betta whose swim bladder problems are caused by birth defects as usually wholesalers that supply the bettas will destroy fish with birth defects before they ever make it to the store. As in the case of injury, birth defects are really not curable but they can be managed so that the bettas can live normal, happy lives...if less graceful lives than non-damaged bettas.

Bacterial Infections - While I have never personally seen a case of Swim Bladder Disorder caused by a bacterial infection, some fishkeepers that I respect very much have, and so I will list this as a possible cause of swim bladder problems if nothing else seems to fit. I have always heard that swim bladder problems caused by bacterial infections are incredibly difficult to treat, which makes me wonder if they are not caused by something else altogether...just my random musings. If you are convinced your betta's swim bladder problems are caused by bacterial infection (or are sure that none of the other things i've listed above could be causing it), you may want to start treatment with a good broad-spectrum antibiotic such as Kanacyn (Kanamycin sulfate), Spectrogram (Kanamycin sulfate and Nitrofurazone), Tetracycline, or Furan 2 (Nitrofurazone). Again, I have not ever witnessed a bacterial swim bladder infection, so these medications may or may not work and I would exhaust all other possibilities before treating with these medications.

Swim Bladder Disorder Prevention

Almost anyone who keeps bettas will have to deal with a swim bladder problem or two in their betta-keeping career. It is one of the top three betta ailments along with finrot and constipation. That being said, there are a few things you can do to reduce your betta's chances of contracting Swim Bladder Disorder in the future.

Swim Bladder Disorder is almost always caused by overfeeding or constipation. Remember that a betta's stomach is only about as big as his eye, and feed small meals several times a day instead of one large meal. Remember to feed bettas with nutritionally sound foods and don't go overboard on fatty foods such as bloodworms to avoid constipation.

Water quality is extremely important to keeping healthy bettas, tank maintenance is key.

Recent Pix

This are some of my fish picture,From brader Ai's line..

Click to see bigger picture..

Halu halu geng! Fish Pix (Age 3 months)

As i promised,here are some of my pix of bettas.with the fish guard. hehe.click to see larger pix
Putih,The Fish Guard

This was in Mac...

Big Big Big

Lepas beberapa bulan wa jage anak anak ikan laga nih.. akhirnya mereka membesar dengan hensem dan cantik sekali..ternyata legasi yang turun dari ibu dan bapa anak anak ikan nih mmg cun... Semua sekali full mask..cayalah!.. Malam ni wa upload gambirun gambirun anak anak ikan tuh..
Satuh lagi wa ada wat eksperimen sikit..maybe ada yang suke ,maybe ada yang x suke.. wa kacuk kan bapa full mask copper dengan ikan murah.. nak gak tgk ape jadi en..well pape pun stay tune guys!

Short update.

1. Fries still survive
2. 15 all of them.
3.Sizes still like the age 2 months 

--Currently i still give them bbs to eat.
--Size still like the 2 months age becuase lack of attention,water changing and food.

Now they are 4 months ,so time to regular water changing and give them food kaw kaw.

Thats all my friend.Will update pic later =)

Cheers ;

Black Copper Full Mask Male Vs Black Copper Full Mask Female

Hi Bloggers/readers!In this post,i would like to continue picture posting on Black Copper Full Mask Vs Black Copper Full Mask female(16/1/2011)Part1. Before i spawn the betta,i prepared the " Love Room" for the pair.Here some of the "Love Room" pictures :

1.5 f tank . I fill the tank with 2/5 of the tank with water that have been kept for one night
I cut the paper cup into half to make a place where my male betta can make bubble nest

I use the vitagen bottle to make a hiding place for the female

Plup!and there goes the male,inside the tank

Male start to swim around the tank,and i kept the male inside the spawning tank for one night.

Day 2 : 18/01/2011 : Put the female inside the spawning tank

Male dancing around the female,while singing a song of Van Halen,Can't Stop Loving You
"Oh, I'm so twisted and tied
And all I remember
Was how hard we tried
Only to surrender "

The female is going towards the male betta

Male keep's on singing Van Halen Song, 
"I can't stop lovin' you
And no matter what I say or do
You know my heart is true, oh
I can't stop loving you "

OMG! Van Halen song did work to court the female  =). The vertical stripes at the female body shows that it is ready to spawn  =)

I put a piece of cloth on the tank spawn to make a privacy for the pair.

To Be Continued!Stay Tune Guys!