Black Copper Full Mask Male Vs Black Copper Full Mask Female

Hi Bloggers/readers!In this post,i would like to continue picture posting on Black Copper Full Mask Vs Black Copper Full Mask female(16/1/2011)Part1. Before i spawn the betta,i prepared the " Love Room" for the pair.Here some of the "Love Room" pictures :

1.5 f tank . I fill the tank with 2/5 of the tank with water that have been kept for one night
I cut the paper cup into half to make a place where my male betta can make bubble nest

I use the vitagen bottle to make a hiding place for the female

Plup!and there goes the male,inside the tank

Male start to swim around the tank,and i kept the male inside the spawning tank for one night.

Day 2 : 18/01/2011 : Put the female inside the spawning tank

Male dancing around the female,while singing a song of Van Halen,Can't Stop Loving You
"Oh, I'm so twisted and tied
And all I remember
Was how hard we tried
Only to surrender "

The female is going towards the male betta

Male keep's on singing Van Halen Song, 
"I can't stop lovin' you
And no matter what I say or do
You know my heart is true, oh
I can't stop loving you "

OMG! Van Halen song did work to court the female  =). The vertical stripes at the female body shows that it is ready to spawn  =)

I put a piece of cloth on the tank spawn to make a privacy for the pair.

To Be Continued!Stay Tune Guys!